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"Leo is thoughtful and committed to his craft...a pleasure to work with. He has a keen ear and a naturally warm and inviting voice."
Elizabeth Bunnell
"Leo has been very helpful in our work together, not just doing an excellent job voicing his characters, but also in actively encouraging criticism, taking direction, and being first in line to suggest retakes where necessary. He opened up this manner of frank communication that I believe is highly conducive to strong results in creative partnerships.”
Mathijs Heuvel


I was born in Berkeley, California and spent most of my childhood dreaming of being a Character Conceptual Illustrator like Tetsuya Nomura (e.g. Final Fantasy VII). I majored in Studio Art at UC Irvine but soon after arriving I tumbled into a passion for singing.

In 2008 I was whisked into the world of collegiate A Capella (think "Pitch Perfect") and soon after I was in three separate choruses. In 2010 I had the honor of representing America at the World Choir Olympics in Xiao Xing, China, with the men's chorus Men in Blaque. Did we win gold medals? Sure. We won gold medals. We traveled the world! But most importantly I began developing control over my instrument.

I began teaching at Apple Retail stores, facilitating public workshops helping kindly folks overcome their technophobia. Feedback began rolling in from customers that my voice packed a punch and my peers agreed. Through a colleague I connected with the world of Voice Over.

I had a tremendously inspiring workshop with Mona Marshall, who encouraged me to seriously pursue a career in Voice Acting. "Come up with 10 - 12 characters," she told me, "and make them all evil." So now instead of drawing characters, I'm giving them a voice.

I'm still singing in a number of choruses and studying voice over and acting in the New York area.


I spend time recording from my home studio for Voice Over, Learning Tracks for Choruses and personal passion projects. Cheers!

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